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Panel B: Safe Learning and Decision Making in Uncertain and Unstructured Environments
Yisong Yue · J. Zico Kolter · Ivan Dario D Jimenez Rodriguez · Dragos Margineantu · Animesh Garg · Melissa Greeff

Tue Dec 14 12:45 PM -- 01:45 PM (PST) @

Author Information

Yisong Yue (Caltech)
J. Zico Kolter (Carnegie Mellon University / Bosch Center for AI)

Zico Kolter is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and also serves as Chief Scientist of AI Research for the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. His work focuses on the intersection of machine learning and optimization, with a large focus on developing more robust, explainable, and rigorous methods in deep learning. In addition, he has worked on a number of application areas, highlighted by work on sustainability and smart energy systems. He is the recipient of the DARPA Young Faculty Award, and best paper awards at KDD, IJCAI, and PESGM.

Ivan Dario D Jimenez Rodriguez (California Institute of Technology)
Dragos Margineantu (Boeing)

Ph.D. (2001) - Machine Learning Technical Lead of AI Research at Boeing.

Animesh Garg (University of Toronto, Nvidia, Vector Institute)

I am a CIFAR AI Chair Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, a Faculty Member at the Vector Institute, and Sr. Researcher at Nvidia. My current research focuses on machine learning for perception and control in robotics.

Melissa Greeff (University of Toronto)

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