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What are Quantum Models?
Maria Schuld

Mon Dec 06 07:25 AM -- 07:51 AM (PST) @

An important result in recent years was that some “quantum models” are just kernel methods: encoding the data into quantum states is a feature map, and the rest of a quantum algorithm defines a linear decision boundary. We discuss important consequences of this link and give you a glimpse of some “quantum kernels”.

Author Information

Maria Schuld (Xanadu)

Maria Schuld works as a senior researcher for the Toronto-based quantum computing startup Xanadu, as well as for the Big Data and Informatics Flagship of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa, from which she received her PhD in 2017. She co-authored the book "Supervised Learning with Quantum Computers" (Springer 2018) and is a lead developer of the PennyLane software framework for quantum differentiable programming. Besides her pioneering research on the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning, Maria has a postgraduate degree in political science, and a keen interest in the interplay between data, emerging technologies and society.

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