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Contributed talks in Session 3 (Zoom)
Oliver Hinder · Wenhao Zhan · Akhilesh Soni · Grigory Malinovsky · Boyue Li

Mon Dec 13 11:00 AM -- 11:30 AM (PST) @

Oral (10 min)

  • Policy Mirror Descent for Regularized RL: A Generalized Framework with Linear Convergence, Wenhao Zhan

Spotlights (5 min)

  • Integer Programming Approaches To Subspace Clustering With Missing Data, Akhilesh Soni
  • DESTRESS: Computation-Optimal and Communication-Efficient Decentralized Nonconvex Finite-Sum Optimization, Boyue Li
  • Better Linear Rates for SGD with Data Shuffling, Grigory Malinovsky

There will be a Q&A in the last 5 minutes for all speakers. Abstracts for the talks are below the schedule.

Author Information

Oliver Hinder (University of Pittsburgh)
Wenhao Zhan (Princeton University)
Akhilesh Soni (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Grigory Malinovsky (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Boyue Li (Carnegie Mellon University)

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