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HEAR 2021: Holistic Evaluation of Audio Representations + Q&A
Joseph Turian · Jordan Shier · Bhiksha Raj · Bjoern Schuller · Christian Steinmetz · George Tzanetakis · Gissel Velarde · Kirk McNally · Max Henry · Nicolas Pinto · Yonatan Bisk · George Tzanetakis · Camille Noufi · Dorien Herremans · Jesse Engel · Justin Salamon · Prany Manocha · Philippe Esling · Shinji Watanabe

Tue Dec 07 11:05 AM -- 11:25 AM (PST) @
Event URL: https://neuralaudio.ai/hear2021-holistic-evaluation-of-audio-representations.html »

Humans can infer a wide range of properties from a perceived sound, such as information about the source (e.g. what generated the sound? where is it coming from?), the information the sound conveys (this is a word that means X, this is a musical note in scale Y), and how it compares to other sounds (these two sounds come/don't come from the same source and are/aren't identical). Can any one learned representation do the same? The aim of this competition is to develop a general-purpose audio representation that provides a meaningful basis for learning in a wide variety of tasks and scenarios. We challenge participants with the following questions: Is it possible to develop a single representation that models all psychoacoustic phenomena? What approach best generalizes to a wide range of downstream audio tasks without fine-tuning? What audio representation allows researchers to formulate and solve novel and societally-valuable problems in simple, repeatable ways? We will evaluate audio representations using a benchmark suite across a variety of domains, including speech, environmental sound, medical audio, and music. In the spirit of shared exchange, all participants must submit an audio embedding model, following a common API, that is general-purpose, open-source, and freely available to use.

Author Information

Joseph Turian (MetaOptimize)
Jordan Shier (jordieshier@gmail.com)
Bhiksha Raj (Carnegie Mellon University)
Bjoern Schuller (University of Augsburg / Imperial College London)
Christian Steinmetz (Queen Mary University of London)
George Tzanetakis (University of Victoria)
Gissel Velarde (Independent)

I am an independent researcher. I hold a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark, recognized as Europe's best and world's fourth top university in engineering according to the US News World Ranking and the MIT ranking 2018. I hold a master’s degree in electronic systems and engineering management from the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Soest, Germany, and a Licenciatura’s degree in systems engineering from the Universidad Católica Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia, recognized as the third best university in Bolivia according to the Webometrics Ranking 2020.

Kirk McNally (University of Victoria)
Max Henry (McGill University)
Nicolas Pinto (Cygni Labs)
Yonatan Bisk (Carnegie Mellon University)
George Tzanetakis (University of Victoria)
Camille Noufi (Stanford University)
Dorien Herremans (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Jesse Engel (Google Brain)
Justin Salamon (Adobe Research)
Prany Manocha (Princeton)
Philippe Esling (IRCAM - Sorbonne Université / CNRS)
Shinji Watanabe (Johns Hopkins University)

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