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Spotlight Session 1
Augustus Odena · Maxwell Nye · Disha Shrivastava · Mayank Agarwal · Vincent J Hellendoorn · Charles Sutton

Sat Dec 12 09:40 AM -- 10:10 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Augustus Odena (Google Brain)
Maxwell Nye (MIT)
Disha Shrivastava (Mila, University of Montreal)
Mayank Agarwal (IBM Research AI, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab)
Vincent J Hellendoorn (CMU)

I create intelligent tools for software engineers using machine learning. The potential of this intersection is tremendous: artificially intelligent models can (re)learn many software development processes and provide valuable support in coding, debugging, optimization, ensuring security, and more. But programming is also a very human activity, so supporting developers effectively is non-trivial: many of the most interesting tasks require rich insights into how developers write and reason about software, and my research has shown how popular models without those insights are often mismatched to practice. Instead, I simultaneously study machine learning and software engineering research. My work makes both fundamental advances in deep learning models for source code, leverages empirical methods to enable ground-breaking new tasks, and reflects on current models with real developer data to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

Charles Sutton (Google)

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