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Yogesh Girdhar - Enabling Vision Guided Interactive Exploration in Bandwidth Limited Environments
Yogesh A Girdhar

Sat Dec 12 06:58 AM -- 07:22 AM (PST) @
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WARPLab's research focuses on both the science and systems of exploration robots in extreme, communication starved environments such as the deep sea. It aims to develop robotics and machine learning-based techniques to enable search, discovery, and mapping of natural phenomena that are difficult to observe and study due to various physical and information-theoretic challenges.

WARPLab is headed by Yogesh Girdhar, and is part of the Deep Submergence Laboratory (DSL), and the Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering (AOPE) department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Author Information

Yogesh A Girdhar (McGill University)

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