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Panel Discussion
Joey Bose · Emile Mathieu · Charline Le Lan · Ines Chami

Fri Dec 11 09:30 AM -- 10:15 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Joey Bose (McGill/MILA)

I’m a PhD student at the RLLab at McGill/MILA where I work on Adversarial Machine Learning on Graphs. Previously, I was a Master’s student at the University of Toronto where I researched crafting Adversarial Attacks on Computer Vision models using GAN’s. I also interned at Borealis AI where I was working on applying adversarial learning principles to learn better embeddings i.e. Word Embeddings for Machine Learning models.

Emile Mathieu (University of Oxford)
Charline Le Lan (University of Oxford)
Ines Chami (Stanford University)

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