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ML system documentation for transparency and responsible AI development - a process and an artifact
Jingying Yang

Sat Dec 14 02:00 PM -- 02:05 PM (PST) @
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One large-scale multistakeholder effort to implement the values of the Montreal Declaration as well as other AI ethical principles is ABOUT ML, a recently-launched project led by the Partnership on AI to synthesize and advance the existing research by bringing PAI's Partner community and beyond into a public conversation and catalyze building a set of resources that allow more organizations to experiment with pilots. Eventually ABOUT ML aims to surface research-driven best practices and aid with translating those into new industry norms. This talk will be an overview of the work to date and ways to get involved moving forward.

Speaker bio: Jingying Yang is a Program Lead on the Research team at the Partnership on AI, where she leads a portfolio of collaborative multistakeholder projects on the topics of safety, fairness, transparency, and accountability, including the ABOUT ML project to set new industry norms on ML documentation. Previously, she worked in Product Operations at Lyft, for the state of Massachusetts on health care policy, and in management consulting at Bain & Company.

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Jingying Yang (Partnership on AI)

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