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Fri Dec 13 03:15 PM -- 05:00 PM (PST) @

Anne Carpenter, Hui Ting Grace Yeo, Jian Zhou, Maria Chikina, Alexander Tong, Benjamin Lengerich, Aly O. Abdelkareem, Gokcen Eraslan, Andrew Blumberg, Stephen Ra, Daniel Burkhardt, Emanuel Flores Bautista, Frederick Matsen, Alan Moses, Zhenghao Chen, Marzieh Haghighi, Alex Lu, Geoffrey Schau, Jeff Nivala, Luke O'Connor, Miriam Shiffman, Hannes Harbrecht and Shimbi Masengo Wa Umba Papa Levi present in a lightning round.

Author Information

Anne Carpenter (Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT)

Dr. Carpenter is an Institute Scientist and Merkin Fellow at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Her research group develops algorithms and strategies for large-scale experiments involving images. The team’s open-source CellProfiler software is used by thousands of biologists worldwide (www.cellprofiler.org). Carpenter is a pioneer in image-based profiling, the extraction of rich, unbiased information from images for a number of important applications in drug discovery and functional genomics. Carpenter has been named an NSF CAREER awardee, an NIH MIRA awardee, a Massachusetts Academy of Sciences fellow (its youngest at the time), a Genome Technology “Rising Young Investigator”, and is listed in Deep Knowledge Analytics’ top-100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare.

Jian Zhou (UTSW)

Assistant Professor, Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics, UT Southwestern CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research, Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Maria Chikina (University of Pittsburgh)
Alexander Tong (Yale University)
Ben Lengerich (Carnegie Mellon University)
Aly Abdelkareem (University of Calgary)
Gokcen Eraslan (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Stephen Ra (Pfizer R&D)
Daniel Burkhardt (Yale University)
Frederick A Matsen IV (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Alan Moses (University of Toronto)
Zhenghao Chen (Calico Lifesciences)
Marzieh Haghighi (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Alex Lu (University of Toronto)

I'm a PhD student at the University of Toronto. I'm part of the Computer Science Department, and I research computational biology under Alan Moses. I focus on unsupervised machine learning techniques for the analysis of microscopy images. I believe that microscopy images contain rich information about biology, but they're underused because analysis of these images has traditionally been subjective and time-consuming, requiring biologists to look at each image manually. This approach is incompatible with current technologies, where robots can take tens of thousands of images in a single experiment. I develop ways for computers to "look" at these images, automatically discovering interesting biology for us. In some cases, the computer can identify patterns that are too complex for us to identify by human eye, or organize its findings systematically to make novel biological insights. This allows us to discover new biology from microscopy images, in an objective and systematic way.

Geoffrey Schau (Oregon Health & Science University)
Jeff Nivala (University of Washington)
Miriam Shiffman (MIT)
Hannes Harbrecht (University of Cambridge)
Levi Masengo Wa Umba (University of Pretoria)
Joshua Weinstein (University of Chicago)

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