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Nir HaCohen · David Reshef · Matthew Johnson · Sam Morris · Aurel Nagy · Gokcen Eraslan · Meromit Singer · Eliezer Van Allen · Smita Krishnaswamy · Casey Greene · Scott Linderman · Alexander Wiltschko · Dylan Kotliar · James Zou · Brendan Bulik-Sullivan

Fri Dec 13 01:15 PM -- 03:00 PM (PST) @

Challenge Presenters: Casey Greene, Dylan Kotliar, Smita Kirshnaswamy

Conversation Facilitators: Alex Wiltschko, Aurel Nagy, Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Casey Greene, David Kelley, Dylan Kotliar, Eli van Allen, Gokcen Eraslan, James Zou, Matt Johnson, Meromit Singer, Nir Hacohen, Samantha Morris, Scott Linderman, Smita Krishnaswamy

Author Information

Nir HaCohen (Harvard)
David Reshef (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Matthew Johnson (Google Brain)

Matt Johnson is a research scientist at Google Brain interested in software systems powering machine learning research. He is the tech lead for JAX, a system for composable function transformations in Python. He was a postdoc at Harvard University with Ryan Adams, working on composing graphical models with neural networks and applications in neurobiology. His Ph.D. is from MIT, where he worked with Alan Willsky on Bayesian nonparametrics, time series models, and scalable inference.

Sam Morris (Washington University in St. Louis)
Aurel Nagy (Harvard Medical School)

Harvard MD PhD candidate designing new tools for gene therapy.

Gokcen Eraslan (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Meromit Singer (Harvard Medical School / Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
Eliezer Van Allen (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
Smita Krishnaswamy (Yale University)
Casey Greene (University of Pennsylvania)
Scott Linderman (Stanford)
Alexander Wiltschko (Google Brain)
Dylan Kotliar (Harvard University)

I’m a student in the MD/PhD program at Harvard Medical School in the Health Sciences and Technology track and the Harvard Systems Biology PhD program. In my PhD, I am developing computational tools for analyzing single-cell genomic data, and analyzing GWAS and single-cell rna-seq datasets of Ebola and Lassa Virus infections, hoping to understand why these pathogens are so deadly.

James Zou (Stanford University)
Brendan Bulik-Sullivan (GV)

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