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One-on-one fitness training with an AI avatar
Roland Memisevic · Guillaume Berger · Tippi Puar · David Greenberg

Wed Dec 11 05:00 PM -- 07:00 PM (PST) @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #812

In this demo, we will showcase “Millie” our live digital fitness trainer. She is an on-screen avatar that interacts in real-time to observe and grade the user’s movements for speed, accuracy and form. Millie is powered by an audio-visual neural network that processes the video and voice input using 3D convolutions to power the avatar’s responses. The neural network is trained on several million sample videos showing crowd-workers performing actions that they recorded using consumer grade RGB cameras and microphones. This allows the digital fitness trainer to run on a wide range of hardware devices, such as iPhone, iPad and in the cloud.

Author Information

Roland Memisevic (Twenty Billion Neurons Inc.)
Guillaume Berger (Twenty Billion Neurons)
Tippi Puar (Twenty Billion Neurons Inc.)
David Greenberg (Twenty Billion Neurons)

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