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Helena Sarin · Anthony Bourached · CJ Carr · Zachary Zukowski · Le Zhou · Katerina Malakhova · Maja Petric · Tomas Laurenzo · Elle O'Brien · Matthew Wegner · Yuma Kishi · Sehmon Burnam

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Helena Sarin (Neural Bricolage)
Anthony Bourached (University College London)

Anthony is a PhD researcher in Machine Learning and Behavioural Neuroscience at University College London.

CJ Carr (Dadabots)
Zachary Zukowski (Dadabots)

I'm an engineer and music producer working with deep machine learning algorithms (e.g. Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTM's, GRU's, Variational Autoencoders) to build new generative tools for music, art, and text creation.

Le Zhou (artMachines)

Aven Le ZHOU(周乐)is an artist scholar and programmer work with creative Artificial Intelligence. He founded the AI-augmented creative studio -- artMachines and leads cross-disciplinary practices in said organization. His artworks and research interests spread in interactive media, generative art, and machine vision for creative interactions. He recently focuses on utilizing interactive artificial intelligence and generative machine learning to effectuate human-AI collaborative creativity. He is currently an Assistant Professor of XJTLU Design School with a focus on creative AI and interactive media. Prior to that, he teaches AI Arts and Interactive Machine Learning and was a resident research fellow at NYU Shanghai.

Katerina Malakhova (Pavlov Institute of Physiology)
Maja Petric (Maja Petric Light + Art)

Maja Petric creates immersive art installations that engage human connection with nature and other living beings. She combines light with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and spatialized sound to expand the multi-sensory apparatus through which art can be experienced. Her approach is research-based, scientific and technical. Fusing these disciplines with art lets her impact people’s experiences in a way that would not be possible otherwise. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington (DXARTS) and a M.P.S. from New York University (ITP) on the topic of transforming the poetic experience of space through the experimental use of technology. Training at these pioneering institutions gave her an opportunity to explore various artistic methods to manipulate people’s senses through which they experience space cognitively and emotionally. Since the year 2000, she has been researching, practicing, and teaching complementary potential of light and art to create the transformative human experience. On this subject, she had developed a theoretical body of knowledge that is embodied in her art practice that she thought at the University of Washington, Complutense University of Madrid, Technical University of Madrid, and European Institute of Design. In 2016 she has designed and directed the graduate program Creative Lighting at European Institute of Design in Madrid, Spain. Her research on the creative use of light is being prepared for publishing in a book - History of Light in Art. Most recently, her artwork has been exhibited at Winston Wächter Fine Art Gallery, MadArt Studio, Google Permanent Art Collection, Microsoft Research Gallery, Henry Art Gallery, Wonderspaces, Amazon Headquarters Gallery, Landmark Gallery in Hong Kong, Matadero, and Medialab Prado. Some of the awards she received include Microsoft Research Residency Award, Richard Kelly Light Art Award, two Thunen Lighting Awards, and Doctoral Fellowship from Croatian Science Foundation. Her artwork has been nominated for Lumen Prize, Arts Innovator Award, FastCo. Innovation by Design Awards, International Light Art Award by the Center for International Light Art Unna. She has been an official artist in residence for the City of Redmond, WA from 2017 until 2020.

Tomas Laurenzo (City University of Hong Kong)

Artist, engineer, and researcher - born in Uruguay, based in Hong Kong.

Elle O'Brien (University of Washington / Botnik Studios)

As a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, my research deepens our understanding of the auditory system using applied mathematics. I have several peer-reviewed papers in the journals Network, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Frontiers in Neuroscience Methods, and Hearing Research, as well as more than 25 invited talks and conference proceedings. As CSO at Botnik Studios, I use techniques from the frontier of language modeling and machine learning to make tools for creative writing.

Matthew Wegner (Individual (Accepted artist for Machine Learning for Creativity and Design))
Yuma Kishi (DENTSU INC.)
Sehmon Burnam (Google)

Product Manager at Google Brain Research, with a focus on project Magenta: exploring the intersection of Machine Learning, Art, and Music.

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