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Coffee Break & Poster Session
Samia Mohinta · Andrea Agostinelli · Alexandra Moringen · Jee Hang Lee · Yat Long Lo · Wolfgang Maass · Blue Sheffer · Colin Bredenberg · Benjamin Eysenbach · Liyu Xia · Efstratios Markou · Jan Lichtenberg · Pierre Richemond · Tony Zhang · JB Lanier · Baihan Lin · William Fedus · Glen Berseth · Marta Sarrico · Matthew Crosby · Stephen McAleer · Sina Ghiassian · Franz Scherr · Guillaume Bellec · Darjan Salaj · Arinbjörn Kolbeinsson · Matthew Rosenberg · Jaehoon Shin · Sang Wan Lee · Guillermo Cecchi · Irina Rish · Elias Hajek

Fri Dec 13 09:45 AM -- 10:30 AM (PST) @ None

Author Information

Samia Mohinta (University of Bristol)
Andrea Agostinelli (Imperial College London)
Alexandra Moringen (Neuroinformatics, CITEC, Bielefeld University)
Jee Hang Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))

Jee Hang Lee is a research assistant professor in the department of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST, and a founding member of KAIST Center for Neuroscience-inspired AI. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from University of Bath in 2015. He was a research associate at University of Bath, and a KI postdoctoral scholar who won a KI PostDoc fellowship in 2017. Prior to his Ph.D., he was a senior researcher in DMC Research Center at Samsung Electronics. His research interests include agents reasoning and decision making based on brain-inspired artificial intelligence.

Yat Long Lo (University of Hong Kong)
Wolfgang Maass (Graz University of Technology)
Blue Sheffer (Stanford University)
Colin Bredenberg (New York University)
Benjamin Eysenbach (Carnegie Mellon University)
Liyu Xia (University of California, Berkeley)
Efstratios Markou (University of Cambridge)
Jan Lichtenberg (University of Bath)
Pierre Richemond (Imperial College)
Tony Zhang (Caltech)

PhD Student, Caltech Vision Lab

JB Lanier (University of California Irvine)
Baihan Lin (Columbia University)
William Fedus (MILA/Google Brain)
Glen Berseth (University of California Berkeley)
Marta Sarrico (Imperial College London)

Biomedical engineer student passionate about Intelligence, from human to artificial. Seeking answers related to how we learn and memorise. Thinking about how we think.

Matthew Crosby (Imperial College London)
Stephen McAleer (UC Irvine)
Sina Ghiassian (University of Alberta)
Franz Scherr (Graz University of Technology)
Guillaume Bellec (TU Graz)
Darjan Salaj (Graz University of Technology)
Arinbjörn Kolbeinsson (Imperial College London)
Matthew Rosenberg (California Institute of Technology)
Jaehoon Shin (KAIST)
Sang Wan Lee (KAIST)
Guillermo Cecchi (IBM Research)
Irina Rish (MILA / Université de Montréal)
Elias Hajek (Graz University of Technology)

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