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Invited Talks (x4)
Yossi Matias · Tracy Adole · Jason M Brown · Alejandro Jaimes

Fri Dec 13 08:15 AM -- 10:15 AM (PST) @
  • Tracy Adole (WorldPop)
  • Yossi Matias (Google)
  • Col Jason Brown (US Air Force)
  • Alex Jaimes (Dataminr)

Author Information

Yossi Matias (Google)
Tracy Adole (University of Southampton)

Tracy Adole, PhD in Geography and Environment is an Enterprise Fellow/Country Implementation Manager in WorldPop within the school of Geography where she manages the Nigeria and South Sudan Geo-Reference, Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) programmes. She is a subject matter expert in environmental management, science-policy integration and stakeholder management with over 11 years’ experience working with communities, non-governmental organizations and top-rated researchers at national and international levels. Also an innovative organisational leader in understanding applied/project management principles using geospatial data and novel techniques, and disseminating complex data for strategic planning and decision-making.

Jason M Brown (US Air Force)
Alejandro Jaimes (Dataminr)