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Poster Session + Lunch
Maxwell Nye · Robert Kim · Toby St Clere Smithe · Takeshi D. Itoh · Omar U. Florez · Vesna G. Djokic · Sneha Aenugu · Mariya Toneva · Imanol Schlag · Dan Schwartz · Max Raphael Sobroza Marques · Pravish Sainath · Peng-Hsuan Li · Rishi Bommasani · Najoung Kim · Paul Soulos · Steven Frankland · Nadezhda Chirkova · Dongqi Han · Adam Kortylewski · Rich Pang · Milena Rabovsky · Jonathan Mamou · Vaibhav Kumar · Tales Marra

Author Information

Maxwell Nye (MIT)
Robert Kim (Salk Institute)
Toby St Clere Smithe (University of Oxford)
Takeshi D. Itoh (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Omar U. Florez (INTEL LABS)

Senior Research Manager in Conversational AI at Capital One

Vesna G. Djokic (University of Amsterdam)
Sneha Aenugu (University of Massachussets Amherst)
Mariya Toneva (Carnegie Mellon University)
Imanol Schlag (IDSIA)
Dan Schwartz (Carnegie Mellon University)
Max Raphael Sobroza Marques (Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique)
Pravish Sainath (Mila / University of Montreal)

The purpose of my life and study is to better understand the nature and mechanisms of both natural and artificial intelligence. My broad interests span the intersection between the two vast disciplines of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. I am mostly interested in using computational and cognitive neuroscience to improve deep and reinforcement learning methods and applying deep learning methods on neuroimaging data to better understand the brain. Previously, I was an engineer at the startup [Hammerhead](http://www.hammerhead.io/), where I worked on computing cycling fitness metrics from smart cycling sensors for their flagship product Karoo and developing navigation solutions for the platform.

Peng-Hsuan Li (Academia Sinica)
Rishi Bommasani (Cornell University)

M.S. student at Cornell University, researching in NLP under Claire Cardie. My work centers around theoretical soundness in NLP and I will be applying to PhD programs this December.

Najoung Kim (Johns Hopkins University)
Paul Soulos (Johns Hopkins University)
Steven Frankland (Princeton University)
Nadezhda Chirkova (Higher School of Economics, Samsung-HSE Laboratory)
Dongqi Han (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)
Adam Kortylewski (Johns Hopkins University)
Rich Pang (University of Washington)
Milena Rabovsky (University of Potsdam)
Jonathan Mamou (Intel AI Lab)
Vaibhav Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tales Marra (Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique)

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