Safety and Robustness in Decision-making
Mohammad Ghavamzadeh · Shie Mannor · Yisong Yue · Marek Petrik · Yinlam Chow

Fri Dec 13th 08:00 AM -- 06:40 PM @ East Ballroom A
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Interacting with increasingly sophisticated decision-making systems is becoming more and more a part of our daily life. This creates an immense responsibility for designers of these systems to build them in a way to guarantee safe interaction with their users and good performance, in the presence of noise and changes in the environment, and/or of model misspecification and uncertainty. Any progress in this area will be a huge step forward in using decision-making algorithms in emerging high stakes applications, such as autonomous driving, robotics, power systems, health care, recommendation systems, and finance.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry in order to discuss main challenges, describe recent advances, and highlight future research directions pertaining to develop safe and robust decision-making systems. We aim to highlight new and emerging theoretical and applied research opportunities for the community that arise from the evolving needs for decision-making systems and algorithms that guarantee safe interaction and good performance under a wide range of uncertainties in the environment.

08:00 AM Opening Remarks (Opening Presentation)
08:15 AM Aviv Tamar: Visual Plan Imagination - An Interpretable Robot Learning Framework (Invited Talk) Aviv Tamar
08:55 AM Daniel Kuhn: From Data to Decisions: Distributionally Robust Optimization is Optimal (Invited Talk) Daniel Kuhn
09:35 AM Poster Session (Posters)
Ahana Ghosh, Javad Shafiee, Akhilan Boopathy, Alex Tamkin, Theodore Vasiloudis, Vedant Nanda, Ali Baheri, Paul Fieguth, Andrew Bennett, Guanya Shi, Hao Liu, Arushi Jain, Jacob Tyo, Benjie Wang, Boxiao Chen, Carroll Wainwright, Chandramouli Shama Sastry, Chao Tang, Daniel Brown, David Inouye, David Venuto, Dhruv Ramani, Dimitrios Diochnos, Divyam Madaan, Dmitrii Krashenikov, Joel Oren, Doyup Lee, Eleanor Quint, elmira amirloo, Matteo Pirotta, Gavin Hartnett, Geoffroy Dubourg-Felonneau, Gokul Swamy, Pin-Yu Chen, Ilija Bogunovic, Jason Carter, Javier Garcia-Barcos, Jeet Mohapatra, Jesse Zhang, Jian Qian, John Martin, Oliver Richter, Federico Zaiter, Tsui-Wei Weng, , Kyriakos Polymenakos, NGOC Lan Hoang, mahdieh abbasi, Marco Gallieri, Mathieu Seurin, Matteo Papini, Matteo Turchetta, Matthew Sotoudeh, Mehrdad Hosseinzadeh, Nathan Fulton, Masatoshi Uehara, Niranjani Prasad, Oana-Maria Camburu, Patrik Kolaric, Philipp Renz, Prateek Jaiswal, Reaz Russel, Riashat Islam, Rishabh Agarwal, Alex Aldrick, Sachin Vernekar, Sahin Lale, Sai Kiran Narayanaswami, Samuel Daulton, Sanjam Garg, Sebastian East, Shun Zhang, Soheil Dsidbari, Justin Goodwin, Victoria Krakovna, Wenhao Luo, Wesley Chung, Yuanyuan Shi, Yuh-Shyang Wang, Hongwei Jin, Ziping Xu
10:30 AM Finale Doshi-Velez: Combining Statistical methods with Human Input for Evaluation and Optimization in Batch Settings (Invited Talk) Finale Doshi-Velez
11:10 AM Marco Pavone: On Safe and Efficient Human-robot Interactions via Multi-modal Intent Modeling and Reachability-based Safety Assurance (Invited Talk) Marco Pavone
11:50 AM Dimitar Filev: Practical Approaches to Driving Policy Design for Autonomous Vehicles (Invited Talk)
12:30 PM Lunch Break (Lunch)
02:00 PM Nathan Kallus: Efficiently Breaking the Curse of Horizon with Double Reinforcement Learning (Invited Talk) Nathan Kallus
02:40 PM Scott Niekum: Scaling Probabilistically Safe Learning to Robotics (Invited Talk) Scott Niekum
03:20 PM Poster Session and Coffee Break (Break)
04:30 PM Andy Sun: Recent Advances in Multistage Decision-making under Uncertainty: New Algorithms and Complexity Analysis (Invited Talk) Andy Sun
05:10 PM Thorsten Joachim: Fair Ranking with Biased Data (Invited Talk) Thorsten Joachims
05:50 PM Concluding Remarks (Remarks)

Author Information

Mohammad Ghavamzadeh (Facebook AI Research)
Shie Mannor (Technion)
Yisong Yue (Caltech)
Marek Petrik (University of New Hampshire)
Yinlam Chow (Google Research)

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