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Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS
Hervé Lombaert · Ben Glocker · Ender Konukoglu · Marleen de Bruijne · Aasa Feragen · Ipek Oguz · Jonas Teuwen

Sat Dec 08:00 AM -- 06:45 PM PST @ West 301 - 305
Event URL: https://sites.google.com/view/med-neurips-2019 »

Medical imaging and radiology are facing a major crisis with an ever-increasing complexity and volume of data along an immense economic pressure. The current advances and widespread use of imaging technologies now overload the human capacity of interpreting medical images, dangerously posing a risk of missing critical patterns of diseases. Machine learning has emerged as a key technology for developing novel tools in computer aided diagnosis, therapy and intervention. Still, progress is slow compared to other fields of visual recognition, which is mainly due to the domain complexity and constraints in clinical applications, i.e., robustness, high accuracy and reliability.

“Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS” aims to bring researchers together from the medical imaging and machine learning communities to discuss the major challenges in the field and opportunities for research and novel applications. The proposed event will be the continuation of a successful workshop organized in NeurIPS 2017 and 2018 (https://sites.google.com/view/med-nips-2018). It will feature a series of invited speakers from academia, medical sciences and industry to give an overview of recent technological advances and remaining major challenges.

08:00 AM Opening Remarks (Talks)|| Hervé Lombaert, Ben Glocker, Ender Konukoglu, Marleen de Bruijne, Aasa Feragen, Ipek Oguz, Jonas Teuwen
08:15 AM Keynote I – Rene Vidal (Johns Hopkins University) (Talks)|| René Vidal
09:00 AM Oral Session I – Methods (Talks)|| Wei-Hung Weng, Simon Kohl, Arijit Patra
10:00 AM Coffee Break + Poster Session I (Posters)||
Wei-Hung Weng, Simon Kohl, Aiham Taleb, Arijit Patra, Ernest Namdar, Matthias Perkonigg, Peter Gong, Abdullah-Al-Zubaer Imran, Amir Abdi, Ilja Manakov, Johannes C. Paetzold, Ben Glocker, Dushyant Sahoo, Shreyas Fadnavis, Karsten Roth, Xueqing Liu, Yifan Zhang, Alexander Preuhs, Fabian Eitel, Anusua Trivedi, Tomer Weiss, Darko Stern, Liset Vazquez Romaguera, Johannes Hofmanninger, Aakash Kaku, Tobi Olatunji, Anastasia Razdaibiedina, Tao Zhang
10:30 AM Keynote II – Julia Schnabel (King's College London) (Talks)|| Julia Schnabel
11:15 AM Oral Session II – Image Analysis and Segmentation (Talks)|| Aiham Taleb, Ernest Namdar, Matthias Perkonigg, Peter Gong
12:35 PM Lunch (Break)||
02:00 PM Keynote III – Leo Grady (Paige AI) (Talks)|| Leo Grady
02:45 PM Oral Session III – Imaging (Talks)|| Niki Parmar, Haraldur Hallgrimsson, Christian Kames
03:45 PM Coffee Break + Poster Session II (Posters)||
Niki Parmar, Haraldur Hallgrimsson, Christian Kames, Arijit Patra, Abdullah-Al-Zubaer Imran, Junlin Yang, David Zimmerer, Arunava Chakravarty, Lawrence Schobs, Alexej Gossmann, TUNG-I CHEN, Tarun Dutt, Li Yao, Octavio Eleazar Martinez Manzanera, Hans Pinckaers, Mehmet Ufuk Dalmis, Deepak Gupta, Nandinee F Haq, David Ruhe, Jevgenij Gamper, Alfredo De Goyeneche Macaya, Jon Tamir, Byunghwan Jeon, SUBBAREDDY OOTA, Reinhard Heckel, Pamela Douglas, Oleksii Sidorov, Ke Wang, Melanie Garcia, Ravi Soni, Ankita Shukla
04:15 PM Keynote IV – Daniel Sodickson (NYU Langone Health) (Talks)|| Daniel Sodickson
05:00 PM fastMRI Challenge Talks (Talks)|| Nafissa Yakubova, Nicola Pezzotti, Puyang Wang, Larry Zitnick, Dimitrios Karkalousos, Shanhui Sun, Matthan Caan, Tullie Murrell, Patrick Putzky
06:00 PM Closing Remarks (Talks)||

Author Information

Hervé Lombaert (ETS Montreal / Inria)

Hervé is Associate Professor at ETS Montreal, Canada and Affiliated Research Scientist at Inria, France - His research interests are in Statistics on Shapes, Data & Medical Images. He had the chance to work in multiple centers, including Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK), Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton, NJ), Inria Sophia-Antipolis (France), McGill University (Canada), and Polytechnique Montreal (Canada). He is also a recipient of the François Erbsmann Prize, a top prize in Medical Image Analysis, earned a Best Thesis Award at Polytechnique Montreal, as well as several other prizes and fellowships - Hervé co-organized several workshops and special sessions in major international conferences, including NIPS and ICML, on Medical Image Analysis.

Ben Glocker (Imperial College London)
Ender Konukoglu (ETH Zurich)
Marleen de Bruijne (Erasmus MC/University of Copenhagen)
Aasa Feragen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Ipek Oguz (Vanderbilt University)
Jonas Teuwen (Radboud University Medical Center / Netherlands Cancer Institute)

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