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Coffee Break 1 (Posters)
Ananya Kumar · Siyu Huang · Huazhe Xu · Michael Janner · Parth Chadha · Nils Thuerey · Peter Lu · Maria Bauza · Anthony Tompkins · Guanya Shi · Thomas Baumeister · André Ofner · Zhi-Qi Cheng · Yuping Luo · Deepika Bablani · Jeroen Vanbaar · Kartic Subr · Tatiana López-Guevara · Devesh Jha · Fabian Fuchs · Stefano Rosa · Alison Pouplin · Alex Ray · Qi Liu · Eric Crawford

Fri Dec 07 07:30 AM -- 08:00 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Ananya Kumar (Stanford University)
Siyu Huang (Zhejiang University)
Huazhe Xu (UC Berkeley)
Michael Janner (UC Berkeley)
Parth Chadha (NVIDIA)
Nils Thuerey (Technical University of Munich)
Peter Lu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Maria Bauza (MIT)

I am interested on Robotic Manipulation and Machine Learning

Anthony Tompkins (The University of Sydney)
Guanya Shi (Caltech)

PhD student in machine learning and robotics

Thomas Baumeister (Technical University Munich)
André Ofner (University of Potsdam)
Zhi-Qi Cheng (Carnegie Mellon University)
Yuping Luo (Princeton University)
Deepika Bablani (IBM Research)
Jeroen Vanbaar (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)
Kartic Subr (University of Edinburgh)
Tatiana López-Guevara (University of Edinburgh / Heriot-Watt University)
Devesh Jha (MERL)
Fabian Fuchs (University of Oxford)
Fabian Fuchs

I am a Research Scientist at DeepMind and part of their Science team. After an undergrad in physics, I did my PhD at the Applied AI lab (A2I), supervised by Professor Ingmar Posner. In 2020, I did a research sabbatical at the BCAI collaborating with Max Welling’s lab at the University of Amsterdam.

Stefano Rosa (University of Oxford)
Alison Pouplin (Imperial College London)
Alex Ray (OpenAI)
Qi Liu (Facebook AI Research)
Eric Crawford (McGill University)

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