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Haytham Fayek · German Parisi · Brian Xu · Pramod Kaushik Mudrakarta · Sophie Cerf · Sarah Wassermann · Davit Soselia · Rahaf Aljundi · Mohamed Elhoseiny · Frantzeska Lavda · Kevin J Liang · Arslan Chaudhry · Sanmit Narvekar · Vincenzo Lomonaco · Wesley Chung · Michael Chang · Ying Zhao · Zsolt Kira · Pouya Bashivan · Banafsheh Rafiee · Oleksiy Ostapenko · Andrew Jones · Christos Kaplanis · Sinan Kalkan · Dan Teng · Xu He · Vincent Liu · Somjit Nath · Sungsoo Ahn · Ting Chen · Shenyang Huang · Yash Chandak · Nathan Sprague · Martin Schrimpf · Tony Kendall · Jonathan Richard Schwarz · Michael Li · Yunshu Du · Yen-Chang Hsu · Samira Abnar · Bo Wang

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Author Information

Haytham Fayek (Facebook Research)
German Parisi (University of Hamburg)
Brian Xu (MIT)
Pramod Kaushik Mudrakarta (The University of Chicago)
Sophie Cerf (Univ Grenoble Alps)

###### Current Job: Internship @ IBM Zurich From July to November 2018 I am working at IBM Research Center with Dr. Christoph Hagleitner and Dr. Lydia Y. Chen on a Cognitive Appliance research project. My research work focuses on using Continual Active Learning to cope with Noise in Machine Learning. ###### PhD @ Univ Grenoble Alps, France I am a PhD student (Oct. 2015 - now) working on the application of Control Theory for Computing Systems. I use the mathematical framework provided by control theory in order to improve performance, reliability and security of computing systems. I focus my research on two different applications : 1) automatic configuration of Location Privacy Protection Mechanisms to guarantee privacy and utility objectives and 2) performance and availability guarantee in Big Data cloud services. Both applications are developed and validated on real-life experimental facilities. I work under the supervision of Pr. Nicolas Marchand , Dr. Bogdan Robu from Gipsa-Lab, Grenoble and Pr. Sara Bouchenak from DRIM research team, LIRIS, INSA-Lyon. My work is supported by the European FP7 research project AMADEOS on Systems of Systems, the project HPES from the LabEx PERSIVAL-lab and the MobiCampus-UdL project from the LabEx IMU.

Sarah Wassermann (INRIA Paris)
Davit Soselia (San Diego State University)
Rahaf Aljundi (KU LEUVEN)
Mohamed Elhoseiny (Facebook AI Research (FAIR))
Frantzeska Lavda (University of Geneva & HEG)
Kevin J Liang (Duke University)
Arslan Chaudhry (University of Oxford)
Sanmit Narvekar (University of Texas at Austin)
Vincenzo Lomonaco (University of Bologna)
Wesley Chung (University of Alberta)
Michael Chang (University of California, Berkeley)

Ph.D. student at Berkeley AI Research, U.C. Berkeley B.S. in Computer Science from MIT Former research intern under Juergen Schmidhuber, Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (IDSIA) Former undergraduate researcher under Joshua Tenenbaum and Antonio Torralba, MIT

Ying Zhao (Naval Postgraduate School)
Zsolt Kira (Georgia Institute of Techology)
Pouya Bashivan (MIT)
Banafsheh Rafiee (University of Alberta)
Oleksiy Ostapenko (SAP SE)
Andrew Jones (James Madison University)
Christos Kaplanis (Imperial College London)
Sinan Kalkan (Middle East Technical University)
Dan Teng (Neuri Pte Ltd)

I graduated with a PhD in mathematics from National University of Singapore. Now I am working as a research scientist at Neuri, a Fintech startup that focuses on developing robust and stable AI driven simulation and modeling tools to support trading strategies across multiple markets and asset classes.

Xu He (Jacobs University Bremen)
Vincent Liu (University of Alberta)
Somjit Nath (University of Alberta)
Sungsoo Ahn (KAIST)
Ting Chen (University of California, Los Angeles)
Shenyang Huang (McGill University)
Yash Chandak (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Nathan Sprague (James Madison University)
Martin Schrimpf (MIT)
Tony Kendall (NPS)
Jonathan Richard Schwarz (DeepMind)
Michael Li (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Yunshu Du (Washington State University)
Yen-Chang Hsu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Samira Abnar (University of Amsterdam)
Bo Wang (Vector Institute)

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