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Poster Session
Lorenzo Masoero · Tammo Rukat · Runjing Liu · Sayak Ray Chowdhury · Daniel Coelho de Castro · Claudia Wehrhahn · Feras Saad · Archit Verma · Kelvin Hsu · Irineo Cabreros · Sandhya Prabhakaran · Yiming Sun · Maxime Rischard · Linfeng Liu · Adam Farooq · Jeremiah Liu · Melanie F. Pradier · Diego Romeres · Neill Campbell · Kai Xu · Mehmet M Dundar · Tucker Keuter · Prashnna Gyawali · Eli Sennesh · Alessandro De Palma · Daniel Flam-Shepherd · Takatomi Kubo

Fri Dec 07 08:45 AM -- 09:15 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Lorenzo Masoero (MIT)
Tammo Rukat (University of Oxford / Amazon Core AI)
Runjing Liu (UC Berkeley)
Sayak Ray Chowdhury (Indian Institute of Science)
Daniel Coelho de Castro (Imperial College London)
Claudia Wehrhahn (University of California Santa Cruz)
Feras Saad (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Archit Verma (Princeton University)
Kelvin Hsu (University of Sydney)
Irineo Cabreros (Princeton University)
Sandhya Prabhakaran (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, NYC)
Yiming Sun (Cornell University)
Maxime Rischard (Harvard University)
Linfeng Liu (Tufts University)
Adam Farooq (Aston University)
Jeremiah Liu (Harvard University)
Melanie F. Pradier (Harvard University)
Diego Romeres (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

I am a Principal Research Scientist at MERL, mainly working in machine learning applied to robotics. Main research areas are robotic manipulation, probabilistic models, reinforcement learning.

Neill Campbell (University of Bath)
Kai Xu (University of Ediburgh)
Mehmet M Dundar (iupui)
Tucker Keuter (Medical College of Wisconsin)
Prashnna Gyawali (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Eli Sennesh (Northeastern University)

I work in the Probabilistic Modeling Lab at Northeastern University’s CCIS, as well as the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory. We use the tools of machine learning, statistics, and computation to study the deep questions at the heart of neuroscience, cognition, and agency. We’re making the world a better place through probabilistic programming!

Alessandro De Palma (University of Oxford)

PhD student in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at University of Oxford

Daniel Flam-Shepherd (University of Toronto)
Takatomi Kubo (NAIST)

Takatomi Kubo received his bachelor's degree in medicine from Osaka University, Japan, in 2002 and his Ph.D. degree in engineering from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan, in 2012. He is currently a Research Associate Professor of Graduate School of Information Science, NAIST. His research interests include neuro-engineering, computational neuroscience, and machine learning.

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