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Poster Session 1
Stefan Gadatsch · Danil Kuzin · Navneet Kumar · Patrick Dallaire · Tom Ryder · Remus-Petru Pop · Nathan Hunt · Adam Kortylewski · Sophie Burkhardt · Mahmoud Elnaggar · Dieterich Lawson · Yifeng Li · Jongha (Jon) Ryu · Juhan Bae · Micha Livne · Tim Pearce · Mariia Vladimirova · Jason Ramapuram · Jiaming Zeng · Xinyu Hu · Jiawei He · Danielle Maddix · Arunesh Mittal · Albert Shaw · Tuan Anh Le · Alexander Sagel · Lisha Chen · Victor Gallego · Mahdi Karami · Zihao Zhang · Tal Kachman · Noah Weber · Matt Benatan · Kumar K Sricharan · Vincent Cartillier · Ivan Ovinnikov · Buu Phan · Mahmoud Hossam · Liu Ziyin · Valerii Kharitonov · Eugene Golikov · Qiang Zhang · Jae Myung Kim · Sebastian Farquhar · Jishnu Mukhoti · Xu Hu · Gregory Gundersen · Lavanya Sita Tekumalla · Paris Perdikaris · Ershad Banijamali · Siddhartha Jain · Ge Liu · Martin Gottwald · Katy Blumer · Sukmin Yun · Ranganath Krishnan · Roman Novak · Yilun Du · Yu Gong · Beliz Gokkaya · Jessica Ai · Daniel Duckworth · Johannes von Oswald · Christian Henning · Louis-Philippe Morency · Ali Ghodsi · Mahesh Subedar · Jean-Pascal Pfister · Rémi Lebret · Chao Ma · Aleksander Wieczorek · Laurence Perreault Levasseur

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Author Information

Stefan Gadatsch (Université de Genève)
Danil Kuzin (The University of Sheffield)
Navneet Kumar (Technical University of Munich)
Patrick Dallaire (Université Laval)
Tom Ryder (Newcastle University)
Remus-Petru Pop (University of Edinburgh)
Nathan Hunt (MIT)
Adam Kortylewski (University of Basel)
Sophie Burkhardt (University of Mainz)
Mahmoud Elnaggar (University of Virginia)
Dieterich Lawson (New York University)
Yifeng Li (National Research Council Canada)

Yifeng Li Yifeng Li is a Research Officer in the Digital Technologies Research Centre, National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Prior to his joining to NRC, he was a post-doctorate at the Wasserman Laboratory of the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, University of British Columbia, Canada. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science, from the University of Windsor, Canada, in 2013. His doctoral dissertation was recognized by a Gold Medal from the Governor General of Canada. His research interests include neural networks, machine learning, data integration, optimization and bioinformatics.

Jongha (Jon) Ryu (University of California, San Diego)
Juhan Bae (University of Toronto)
Micha Livne (University of Toronto, Vector Institute, Seraph Computer Vision Labs)

Micha is a PhD candidate towards the end of his PhD, in the [Computational Vision Group][uoft-cv] / Artificial Intelligence Lab, part of the [Department of Computer Science][dcs] at University of Toronto, and in the [Vector Institute][vector], Toronto. He is supervised by prof. [David Fleet][fleet], and has been concentrating for the better part of the last decade on machine learning and optimization problems. Specifically on 3D video tracking combined with physical models. Micha holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering and a BSc. in Physics from the [Technion, Israel Institute of Technology][technion], both with Summa Cum Laude honors (top 3% of his class). He obtained his MSc. from University of Toronto under [David][fleet]'s supervision, where he researched inferring attributes, such as gender, weight, happiness and anxiety level, from motion capture data and from video tracking. Micha also founded a Computer Vision/Machine Learning lab, with the goal of pushing ahead CV/ML research, while giving smaller start-ups (who typically cannot afford to hire ML researchers) accessibility to one of the biggest revolutions that mankind is about to experience. He also believes that the social aspect of that revolution is ignored, by large. As part of his efforts for a better future for all, he is working to encourage an open discussion about the social implications of the AI revolution, in order reduce fears from AI, and replace it with openness and better understanding of what possibilities lies ahead. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, canoeing, SUP, bike riding, skiing, ice skating, or basically every outdoor/indoor sport activity he finds the time to put into. [fleet]: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~fleet [dcs]: http://web.cs.toronto.edu/ [uoft-cv]: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/vis/ [vector]: http://vectorinstitute.ai/ [seraphlabs]: http://seraphlabs.ca/ [technion]: https://www.technion.ac.il/en/

Tim Pearce (University of Cambridge)
Mariia Vladimirova (Inria Rhone-Alpes)
Jason Ramapuram (University of Geneva & HES-SO)

PhD student in 3rd year at the University of Geneva. Write posts about ML in my free time: https://jramapuram.github.io/ramblings/rnn-backrpop/ ⇨ Contributions to open-source projects such as arrayfire-rust [major contributor], keras [added autoencoders] , GJAlloc, libcurrent ⇨ Development of open-source cross-gpu rust based machine learning library: https://github.com/jramapuram/hal/tree/feature/lstm Full bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jramapuram

Jiaming Zeng (Stanford University)
Xinyu Hu (Columbia University)
Jiawei He (Simon Fraser University)

I am a Ph.D student in Department of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada. My research interest lies in deep learning and computer vision, especially on video-related tasks. My past research experiences include action localization in videos, controllable video generation with various generative models, etc.

Danielle Maddix (Amazon Web Services)
Arunesh Mittal (Columbia University)
Albert Shaw (Deepscale)
Tuan Anh Le (University of Oxford)
Alexander Sagel (Technische Universität München)
Lisha Chen (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Victor Gallego (ICMAT)
Mahdi Karami (University of Alberta)
Zihao Zhang (University of Oxford)
Tal Kachman (IBM Research)
Noah Weber (Stony Brook University)
Matt Benatan (IBM Research UK)
Kumar K Sricharan (Intuit Inc.)
Vincent Cartillier (GeorgiaTech)
Ivan Ovinnikov (ETH Zürich)
Buu Phan (University of Waterloo)
Mahmoud Hossam (Monash University (Australia))
Liu Ziyin (University of Tokyo)
Valerii Kharitonov (Higher School of Economics)
Eugene Golikov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

MSc in Fluid Mechanics @ Moscow SU MSc in Computer Science @ HSE Doing a PhD in DL theory @ EPFL

Qiang Zhang (University College London)
Jae Myung Kim (Seoul National University)
Sebastian Farquhar (University of Oxford)
Jishnu Mukhoti (University of Oxford)
Xu Hu (École des ponts ParisTech)
Gregory Gundersen (Princeton University)
Lavanya Sita Tekumalla (Amazon)
Paris Perdikaris (University of Pennsylvania)
Ershad Banijamali (University of Waterloo)
Siddhartha Jain (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ge Liu (MIT)
Martin Gottwald (Technical University of Munich)
Katy Blumer (Google Brain)
Sukmin Yun (KAIST)
Ranganath Krishnan (Intel Corporation)
Roman Novak (Google Brain)
Yilun Du (MIT)
Yu Gong (Simon Fraser University)
Beliz Gokkaya (Facebook)
Jessica Ai (Facebook)
Daniel Duckworth (Google Brain)
Johannes von Oswald (ETH Zürich)
Christian Henning (ETH Zurich)
Louis-Philippe Morency (Carnegie Mellon University)
Ali Ghodsi (University of Waterloo)
Mahesh Subedar (Intel Corporation)
Jean-Pascal Pfister (University of Zurich)
Rémi Lebret (EPFL)

Rémi is a Postdoctoral Researcher at EPFL, Switzerland. He develops deep learning solutions tailored for analyzing news and social media. He received his PhD at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 2016 for his work on deep learning models for natural language processing where he was supervised by Ronan Collobert at the Idiap Research Institute. During his PhD, he also spent a few months working on concept-to-text generation at Facebook AI Research with David Grangier and Michael Auli. His work has been publishing in top-tier conferences in both natural language processing and machine learning.

Chao Ma (University of Cambridge)
Aleksander Wieczorek (University of Basel)
Laurence Perreault Levasseur (Flatiron Istitute)

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