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David Zeng · Marzieh S. Tahaei · Shuai Chen · Felix Meister · Meet Shah · Anant Gupta · Ajil Jalal · Eirini Arvaniti · David Zimmerer · Konstantinos Kamnitsas · Pedro Ballester · Nathaniel Braman · Udaya Kumar · Sil C. van de Leemput · Junaid Qadir · Hoel Kervadec · Mohamed Akrout · Adrian Tousignant · Matthew Ng · Raghav Mehta · Miguel Monteiro · Sumana Basu · Jonas Adler · Adrian Dalca · Jizong Peng · Sungyeob Han · Xiaoxiao Li · Karthik Gopinath · Joseph Cheng · Bogdan Georgescu · Kha Gia Quach · Karthik Sarma · David Van Veen

Sat Dec 08 11:45 AM -- 01:15 PM (PST) @

Author Information

David Zeng (Stanford University)
Marzieh S. Tahaei (McGill University)
Shuai Chen (Erasmus MC)
Felix Meister (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Meet Shah (Facebook)
Anant Gupta (New York University)
Ajil Jalal (University of Texas at Austin)
Eirini Arvaniti (ETH Zurich)
David Zimmerer (German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ))
Konstantinos Kamnitsas (Imperial College London)
Pedro Ballester (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul)
Nathaniel Braman (Case Western Reserve University)
Udaya Kumar (Manipal Institute of Technology)
Sil C. van de Leemput (Radboud University Medical Center)
Junaid Qadir (Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan)

Junaid Qadir is an Associate Professor at the Information Technology University (ITU)—Punjab, Lahore since December 2015, where he directs the ICTD; Human Development; Systems; Big Data Analytics; Networks (IHSAN) Research Lab. His primary research interests are in the areas of computer systems and networking and using ICT for development (ICT4D). He is an Associate Editor for IEEE Access, Springer Nature Central’s Big Data Analytics journal, Springer Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences, and the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Hoel Kervadec (ÉTS Montréal)
Mohamed Akrout (University of Toronto)
Adrian Tousignant (Mcgill University)
Matthew Ng (University of Toronto)
Raghav Mehta (McGill University)
Miguel Monteiro (Imperial College London)
Sumana Basu (McGill University)
Jonas Adler (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology)

I’m a Research Scientist at Elekta, pursuing a PhD in Applied Mathematics working under the supervision of Ozan Öktem. I do research in inverse problems and machine learning, especially focusing on the intersection between model-driven and data-driven methods. Organizing [DLIP2019](https://sites.google.com/view/dlip2019).

Adrian Dalca (MIT)
Jizong Peng (ETS)
Sungyeob Han (Seoul National University)

Ph. D. Student of Seoul National University

Xiaoxiao Li (Yale University)
Karthik Gopinath (ETS Montreal)
Joseph Cheng (Stanford University)
Bogdan Georgescu (Siemens)
Kha Gia Quach (Concordia University)
Karthik Sarma (American Medical Association)

Karthik V. Sarma is an MD-PhD student at the UCLA Medical Imaging Informatics group. Karthik’s research focuses on the development of novel artificial intelligence techniques for medical applications, with a focus on prostate cancer. In addition to his graduate studies at UCLA, Karthik is the CTO of SimX, a virtual reality medical simulation company, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association. A native of Chicago, Karthik is an alumnus of the California Institute of Technology, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science with honors in computer science. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

David Van Veen (University of Texas at Austin)

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