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Ralf Mayet · Paulo Orenstein · Heloise Greeff · Tomasz Rutkowski · Jiafan Yu · Milena Marin · Peter He · Jigar Doshi · Xavier Boix · Thomas Janssoone · Aniket Kesari · Yunyi Li · Arbel Vigodny · Ellie Gordon · Zach Moshe · Sella Nevo · Harvey Wu · Jessica Lee · Noel Corriveau · Vincenzo Lomonaco · Yada Pruksachatkun · Naroa Zurutuza · Bhairav Mehta · Carolyne Pelletier · Yasmeen Hitti · Sophia Latessa · Gerard Glowacki · Alexis G Gkantiragas · Oliver Nina · Íñigo Martínez de Rituerto de Troya · Vedran Sekara · Michael Madaio · Eunbee Jang · Ines Moreno · Arnon Houri-Yafin · Claire Babirye

Sat Dec 08 07:30 AM -- 08:00 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Ralf Mayet (Hanson Robotics)
Paulo Orenstein (Stanford University)
Heloise Greeff (University of Oxford)
Tomasz Rutkowski (RIKEN AIP)

Tomasz M. Rutkowski received his M.Sc. in Electronics and Ph.D. in Telecommunications and Acoustics from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, in 1994 and 2002, respectively. He received postdoctoral training at the Multimedia Laboratory, Kyoto University, and in 2005-2011 he worked as a research scientist at RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan. In 2011-2016 Tomasz served as an assistant professor at the University of Tsukuba, and as a visiting scientist at RIKEN Brain Science Institute. He used to serve as a visiting lecturer at The University of Tokyo. Currently, he is a research scientist at RIKEN AIP in Tokyo. Doctor Rutkowski’s research interests include computational neuroscience, especially brain-computer interfacing technologies, computational modeling of brain processes, neurobiological signal and information processing, multimedia interfaces, and interactive technology design. He received The BCI Annual Research Award 2014 for a project "Airborne Ultrasonic Tactile BCI, and also nominated in 2016. He heads a pro-bono BCI research group with a website [http://tomek.bci-lab.info/]

Jiafan Yu (Stanford University)
Milena Marin (Amnesty International)
Peter He (Imperial College London)
Jigar Doshi (CrowdAI)
Xavier Boix (MIT)
Thomas Janssoone (Sêmeia)
Aniket Kesari (University of California, Berkeley)
Yunyi Li (University of Iowa)
Arbel Vigodny (Zzapp)
Ellie Gordon (Behaivior)
Zach Moshe (Google)
Sella Nevo (Google)

Sella Nevo is a software engineer who specializes in machine learning research and development. He is committed to enacting large-scale effective social impact, focusing on global poverty and health. Sella currently leads the [Google Flood Forecasting Initiative](https://www.blog.google/products/search/helping-keep-people-safe-ai-enabled-flood-forecasting/), which aims to provide scalable high-accuracy high-resolution flood forecasts and warnings in developing countries, and eventually across the globe. His research currently focuses on integrating machine learning models with non-differentiable physics-based models in data-constrained real-world problems. He has previously worked in the field of natural language understanding, most notably contributing to the ML model behind the famous [Google Duplex](https://ai.googleblog.com/2018/05/duplex-ai-system-for-natural-conversation.html). He also teaches Information Security at Tel Aviv University.

Harvey Wu (Columbia University)
Jessica Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)
Noel Corriveau (Government of Canada -- Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)

Noel Corriveau, B.A., (Ottawa)., M.A., (Ottawa)., J.D. (Moncton), is counsel with the Federal Department of Justice currently on assignment to the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada where he works as a Special Advisor on Artificial Intelligence within the Chief Information Office Branch. He is currently working on developing a Directive on Automated Decision-Making, Algorithmic Impact Assessment tools and new streamlined procurement vehicles to help facilitate the acquisition of AI services, solutions and products within Departments. Noel continues to work in academia where is research focuses primarily on ethics, law and technology. He is particularly interested in questions pertaining to data-driven agency, responsibility and due process in the context of machine determinations. His most recent publication is a book chapter on Artificial Intelligence in Health care published in Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th edition (2017).

Vincenzo Lomonaco (University of Bologna)
Yada Pruksachatkun (New York University)
Naroa Zurutuza (UNICEF)
Bhairav Mehta (University of Michigan)
Carolyne Pelletier (MILA)
Yasmeen Hitti (MILA)
Sophia Latessa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gerard Glowacki (Hampton Court House)
Alexis G Gkantiragas (University college London)
Oliver Nina (ACT3)
Íñigo Martínez de Rituerto de Troya (Universidade Nova de Lisboa (501 559 094))
Vedran Sekara (UNICEF Office of Innovation)
Michael Madaio (Carnegie Mellon University)
Eunbee Jang (Mila)
Ines Moreno (MILA)
Arnon Houri-Yafin (Zzapp)
Claire Babirye (Uganda Technology and Management University)

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