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Competition V: Human-Computer Question Answering
Jordan Boyd-Graber · Hal Daumé III · He He · Mohit Iyyer · Pedro Rodriguez

Fri Dec 08 05:45 PM -- 07:15 PM (PST) @
Event URL: https://sites.google.com/view/hcqa/ »
  • Overview of the Challenge
  • Talks from participants
  • Competition against human team
  • Q&A with organizers, experts, developers

Author Information

Jordan Boyd-Graber (University of Maryland)
Hal Daumé III (Microsoft Research & University of Maryland)

Hal Daumé III wields a professor appointment in Computer Science and Language Science at the University of Maryland, and spends time as a principal researcher in the machine learning group and fairness group at Microsoft Research in New York City. He and his wonderful advisees study questions related to how to get machines to become more adept at human language, by developing models and algorithms that allow them to learn from data. The two major questions that really drive their research these days are: (1) how can we get computers to learn language through natural interaction with people/users? and (2) how can we do this in a way that promotes fairness, transparency and explainability in the learned models?

He He (Stanford)
Mohit Iyyer (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
Pedro Rodriguez (University of Maryland at College Park)

I am a 3rd year PhD student in machine learning and natural language processing. I am a member of the CLIP lab at UMD, and advised by Jordan Boyd-Graber. My research interests include question answering, deep learning, and interpretable machine learning. I am looking for research internship opportunities for summer 2018.

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