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Competition I: Adversarial Attacks and Defenses
Alexey Kurakin · Ian Goodfellow · Samy Bengio · Yao Zhao · Yinpeng Dong · Tianyu Pang · Fangzhou Liao · Cihang Xie · Adithya Ganesh · Oguz Elibol

Fri Dec 08 09:00 AM -- 10:00 AM (PST) @ None
Event URL: https://www.kaggle.com/nips-2017-adversarial-learning-competition »
  • Introduction into adversarial examples. Invited speaker, Dawn Song
    • Overview of the competition, Alexey Kurakin, Ian Goodfellow
    • Winner of attack competition, Yinpeng Dong, Fangzhou Liao, Tianyu Pang
    • Winner of defense competition, Yinpeng Dong, Fangzhou Liao, Tianyu Pang
    • 2nd place defense competition, Cihang Xie

Author Information

Alexey Kurakin (Google Brain)
Ian Goodfellow (Google)
Samy Bengio (Google Research, Brain Team)
Yao Zhao (Microsoft)
Yinpeng Dong (Tsinghua University)
Tianyu Pang (Tsinghua University)
Fangzhou Liao (Tsinghua University)
Cihang Xie (Johns Hopkins U)
Adithya Ganesh (Stanford University)
Oguz Elibol (Intel Nervana)

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