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CTRL-Labs: Non-invasive Neural Interface
Patrick Kaifosh · Tudor Giurgica-Tiron · Alan Du · Adam Al-natsheh · Jeffrey Seely · Steven Demers

Tue Dec 05 07:00 PM -- 10:30 PM (PST) @ Pacific Ballroom Concourse #D2
Event URL: https://ctrl-labs.com/ »

CTRL-Labs is developing a non-invasive neural interface for everyday use. This interactive demo will showcase a complete end-to-end neural control application. Users will be able to: (A) wear our non-invasive device prototype on the wrist (B) map their own choice of neuromotor control schemes to multiple continuous and discrete degrees of freedom (C) play an arcade-style computer game in real time based on their own choice of control schemes.

Author Information

Patrick Kaifosh (CTRL-Labs)
Tudor Giurgica-Tiron (CTRL-Labs)
Alan Du (NIPS)
Adam Al-natsheh (CTRL-Labs)
Jeffrey Seely (CTRL Labs)
Steven Demers (CTRL-Labs)

Steve is a veteran of research in a wide variety of fields. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell and subsequently won the Powell Fellowship while at the cinema school at USC. Afterwards he headed Oscar winning special effects and R&D teams on movies such as ‘Matrix’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ which defined processes important to film work today (in particular, technical achievement awards won for ‘Bullet-time’ effect and the subsurface rendering of Gollum’s skin). After ten years as a supervisor and art director in the film industry he decided to plunge back into graduate school and obtained a PhD in Physics from Caltech in 2014. His work focused on computational chemistry approaches in finding novel photovoltaic materials. During this time he worked closely with multiple research groups both at Caltech and Fortune 500 companies. Deciding to leave academia, upon graduation he joined a management-consulting firm where he headed the analytics department and managed engagements onsite. He joined Cognescent recently to work on cutting-edge brain-machine interfaces.

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