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Nearest-Neighbor Sample Compression: Efficiency, Consistency, Infinite Dimensions
Aryeh Kontorovich · Sivan Sabato · Roi Weiss

Mon Dec 04 06:30 PM -- 10:30 PM (PST) @ Pacific Ballroom #215

We examine the Bayes-consistency of a recently proposed 1-nearest-neighbor-based multiclass learning algorithm. This algorithm is derived from sample compression bounds and enjoys the statistical advantages of tight, fully empirical generalization bounds, as well as the algorithmic advantages of a faster runtime and memory savings. We prove that this algorithm is strongly Bayes-consistent in metric spaces with finite doubling dimension --- the first consistency result for an efficient nearest-neighbor sample compression scheme. Rather surprisingly, we discover that this algorithm continues to be Bayes-consistent even in a certain infinite-dimensional setting, in which the basic measure-theoretic conditions on which classic consistency proofs hinge are violated. This is all the more surprising, since it is known that k-NN is not Bayes-consistent in this setting. We pose several challenging open problems for future research.

Author Information

Aryeh Kontorovich (Ben Gurion University)
Sivan Sabato (Ben Gurion University)
Roi Weiss (Weizmann institute of science)

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