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Poster Spotlights I
Taesik Na · Yang Song · Aman Sinha · Richard Shin · Qiuyuan Huang · Nina Narodytska · Matt Staib · Kexin Pei · Fnu Suya · Amirata Ghorbani · Jacob Buckman · Matthias Hein · Huan Zhang · Yanjun Qi · Yuan Tian · Min Du · Dimitris Tsipras

Fri Dec 08 10:15 AM -- 10:30 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Taesik Na (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Yang Song (Stanford University)
Aman Sinha (Stanford University)
Richard Shin (UC Berkeley)
Qiuyuan Huang (Microsoft Research AI)
Nina Narodytska (VMWare Research)
Matt Staib (MIT)
Kexin Pei (Columbia University)

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student at Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. I am advised by Suman Jana and Junfeng Yang. Before coming to Columbia, I obtained the research-based master at Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, advised by Dongyan Xu, Xiangyu Zhang and Luo Si. Prior to Purdue, I worked at the Database group, HKBU, advised by Haibo Hu and Jianliang Xu. I am broadly interested in Security, Systems, and Machine Learning. I am currently deeply excited about developing neural frameworks and architectures to understand program semantics and using them for program analysis and security.

Fnu Suya (University of Virginia)
Amirata Ghorbani (Stanford University)
Jacob Buckman (Google AI Resident)
Matthias Hein (Saarland University)
Huan Zhang (UCLA)
Yanjun Qi (University of Virginia)
Yuan Tian (University of Virginia)
Min Du (University of Utah)
Dimitris Tsipras (MIT)

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