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Poster Session
Jacob Bruce · Deirdre Quillen · Nemanja Rakicevic · Kurtland Chua · Connor Schenck · Melissa Chien · Mohammad Babaeizadeh · Nevan Wichers · mengyuan yan · Paul Wohlhart · Julian Ibarz · Kurt Konolige

Spotlights: Deep Object-Centric Representations for Generalizable Robot Learning < Coline Devin>

Using Simulation and Domain Adaptation to Improve Efficiency of Deep Robotic Grasping

Learning Deep Composable Maximum-Entropy Policies for Real-World Robotic Manipulation

SE3-Pose-Nets: Structured Deep Dynamics Models for Visuomotor Control

Learning Flexible and Reusable Locomotion Primitives for a Microrobot

Policy Search using Robust Bayesian Optimization

Learning Robotic Assembly from CAD

Learning Robot Skill Embeddings

Self-Supervised Visual Planning with Temporal Skip Connections

Overcoming Exploration in Reinforcement Learning with Demonstrations

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Robotic Grasping

Soft Value Iteration Networks for Planetary Rover Path Planning

Posters: One-Shot Visual Imitation Learning via Meta-Learning

One-Shot Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation with Interactive Replay < Jake Bruce; Niko Suenderhauf; Piotr Mirowski; Raia Hadsell; Michael Milford >

Bayesian Active Edge Evaluation on Expensive Graphs < Sanjiban Choudhury >

Sim-to-Real Transfer of Accurate Grasping with Eye-In-Hand Observations and Continuous Control < Mengyuan Yan; Iuri Frosio*; Stephen Tyree; Kautz Jan >

Learning Robotic Manipulation of Granular Media < Connor Schenck*; Jonathan Tompson; Dieter Fox; Sergey Levin>

End-to-End Learning of Semantic Grasping < Eric Jang >

Self-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Computation Graphs for Robot Navigation

Efficient Robot Task Learning and Transfer via Informed Search in Movement Parameter Space < Nemanja Rakicevic*; Kormushev Petar >

Metrics for Deep Generative Models based on Learned Skills

Unsupervised Hierarchical Video Prediction < Nevan wichers*; Dumitru Erhan; Honglak Lee >

Imitation from Observation: Learning to Imitate Behaviors from Raw Video via Context Translation

Domain Randomization and Generative Models for Robotic Grasping

Learning to Grasp from Vision and Touch

Neural Network Dynamics Models for Control of Under-actuated Legged Millirobots

On the Importance of Uncertainty for Control with Deep Dynamics Models

Increasing Sample-Efficiency via Online Meta-Learning

Stochastic Variational Video Prediction

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Author Information

Jacob Bruce (Queensland University of Technology)
Deirdre Quillen (Google)
Nemanja Rakicevic (Imperial College London)

Nemanja Rakicevic obtained his BSc degree in Mechatronics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad in 2011. He completed the double-degree EMARO (European Masters on Advanced Robotics) program and was awarded the MSc degree in 2013. During 2013-2014, he worked as a research engineer at RIS group, LAAS-CNRS Toulouse on rover locomotion diagnostics using sequential machine learning models. From 2015 to 2016, he was as a research assistant at iBug, Dept. of Computing, ICL where he worked on applying deep learning methods for human emotion recognition based on facial expressions. He started his PhD in 2016 in the Robot Intelligence Lab, Dyson School of Design Engineering, ICL. His research interests lie within artificial intelligence and robotics, focusing on reinforcement learning, probabilistic exploration and skill transfer.

Kurtland Chua (UC Berkeley)
Connor Schenck (University of Washington)
Melissa Chien (University of California, Berkeley)
Mohammad Babaeizadeh (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Nevan Wichers (Google)
mengyuan yan (Stanford university)
Paul Wohlhart (X - the moonshot factory)
Julian Ibarz (Google Inc.)
Kurt Konolige (Alphabet, Inc.)

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