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Fast k-Nearest Neighbor Search via Prioritized DCI
Ke Li

Most exact methods for k-nearest neighbour search suffer from the curse of dimensionality; that is, their query times exhibit exponential dependence on either the ambient or the intrinsic dimensionality. Dynamic Continuous Indexing (DCI) [19] offers a promising way of circumventing the curse and successfully reduces the dependence of query time on intrinsic dimensionality from exponential to sublinear. In this paper, we propose a variant of DCI, which we call Prioritized DCI, and show a remarkable improvement in the dependence of query time on intrinsic dimensionality. In particular, a linear increase in intrinsic dimensionality, or equivalently, an exponential increase in the number of points near a query, can be mostly counteracted with just a linear increase in space. We also demonstrate empirically that Prioritized DCI significantly outperforms prior methods. In particular, relative to Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH), Prioritized DCI reduces the number of distance evaluations by a factor of 14 to 116 and the memory consumption by a factor of 21.

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Ke Li (UC Berkeley)

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