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Author Information

Biswarup Bhattacharya (University of Southern California)

PhD Computer Science student at the University of Southern California

Darius Lam (Defense Innovation Unit Experimental)
Sandeep Vidyapu (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
Shreya Shankar (Stanford University)
Therese Anders (University of Southern California)
Bryan Wilder (University of Southern California)
Muhammad R Khan (University of California, Berkeley)
Yunpeng Li (University of Oxford)
Nazmus Saquib (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Varun Kshirsagar (Innovation for Poverty Action)

Varun Kshirsagar is the technical lead for the Poverty Probability Index (PPI), a household-level poverty measurement tool. He is leading the PPI scorecard development at IPA, which includes designing a methodology that is based on established statistical learning techniques, while maintaining the simplicity of the PPI from a user perspective. Most recently, Varun worked as a consultant to USAID on several projects related to the analysis of local food prices. In partnership with experts from the World Bank, USAID and NASA, he developed approaches to better understand, and quantify, the influence of local factors on food markets in developing countries. Previously, he worked as a consultant to the World Bank for whom he employed a broad set of quantitative tools to inform policy advice and operational lending in the agriculture and rural development sector, with a regional focus on Sub Saharan Africa. He has a BA in economics from Mumbai University and a PhD in economics from North Carolina State University.

Anthony Perez (Stanford University)
Pengfei Zhang (A*STAR)
Shahrzad Gholami (University of Southern California)

I am a Ph.D. student at Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California. I joined Teamcore research group in January 2015 and have been advised by Prof. Milind Tambe. I am interested in dealing with application-driven research topics and my research lies in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Game Theory. Currently, I am working on models and techniques for predicting poaching activities and optimizing security resources allocation in conservation areas to protect wildlife.

Rediet Abebe (Cornell University)

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