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Vitruvian Science: a visual editor for quickly building neural networks in the cloud
Markus Beissinger · Sherjil Ozair

Tue Dec 08 04:00 PM -- 08:55 PM (PST) @ 210D

We present a visual editor to make prototyping deep learning systems akin to building with Legos. This system allows you to visually depict architecture layouts (as you would on a whiteboard or scrap of paper) and compiles them to Theano functions running on the cloud. Our goal is to speed up development and debugging for novel deep learning architectures.

Author Information

Markus Beissinger (Vitruvian Science)

Markus was a founder of [Lobe](https://lobe.ai), a visual tool to easily build custom machine learning models that was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Prior to Lobe, Markus was the author of OpenDeep, an open-source deep learning library formed during his Master's work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sherjil Ozair (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

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