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Demos of Deep Learning Technologies at Baidu IDL
Yi Yang · Kai Yu

Sat Dec 07 07:00 PM -- 11:59 PM (PST) @ Tahoe C

Baidu IDL (Institute of Deep Learning) is the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the major search engine company in China. The lab is located at both Beijing and Silicon Valley. Since July 2012 researchers at Baidu have developed successful deep learning technologies for various internet products, across mobile voice search, image search, online advertising, optical character recognition, web search, as well as mobile photo app and translation app. Some underlying technologies, like speech recognition & face recognition, have been opened up as free cloud-based APIs to third-party developers. In this demo we will collectively exhibit many of these products, on both desktop and mobile platforms. We warmly welcome machine learning researchers at NIPS conference come to visit our booth, and discuss the latest development of machine learning technologies in the internet industry. We would introduce some of our on-going work, e.g., parallel distributed deep learning platform, our future plans, as well as our current job openings.

Author Information

Yi Yang (DeepMind)
Kai Yu (Baidu)

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