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Tensor Decomposition for Fast Parsing with Latent-Variable PCFGs
Shay Cohen · Michael Collins

Tue Dec 04 07:00 PM -- 12:00 AM (PST) @ Harrah’s Special Events Center 2nd Floor

We describe an approach to speed-up inference with latent variable PCFGs, which have been shown to be highly effective for natural language parsing. Our approach is based on a tensor formulation recently introduced for spectral estimation of latent-variable PCFGs coupled with a tensor decomposition algorithm well-known in the multilinear algebra literature. We also describe an error bound for this approximation, which bounds the difference between the probabilities calculated by the algorithm and the true probabilities that the approximated model gives. Empirical evaluation on real-world natural language parsing data demonstrates a significant speed-up at minimal cost for parsing performance.

Author Information

Shay Cohen (Columbia University)
Michael Collins (Columbia University)

Michael Collins is the Vikram S. Pandit Professor of computer science at Columbia University. His research is focused on topics including statistical parsing, structured prediction problems in machine learning, and applications including machine translation, dialog systems, and speech recognition. His awards include a Sloan fellowship, an NSF career award, and best paper awards at EMNLP (2002, 2004, and 2010), UAI (2004 and 2005), and CoNLL 2008.

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