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Haptic Information Presentation Through Vibro Tactile
Manoj A Prasad

Tue Dec 07 07:30 PM -- 11:59 PM (PST) @ Georgia A

Our spatial awareness of the environment is usually attributed to our ability to process the visual and auditory cues from the environment. However, this is also complemented by tactile feedback from the hands. Computer human interfaces can take advantage of the complementary nature of modality interaction. The use of tactile feedback in computer human interfaces reduces the cognitive overload on visual and audio channels and acts as an additional source of information. In this paper, we have explored the possibility of encoding and communicating complex information through vibro-tactile stimulation. Our goal here is to estimate the sensitivity of the hand to vibrations and the ability of subjects to recognize simple shapes presented by a matrix of vibro-tactile stimulators.

Author Information

Manoj A Prasad (Texas A&M University)