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Tracking Dynamic Sources of Malicious Activity at Internet Scale
Shobha Venkataraman · Avrim Blum · Dawn Song · Subhabrata Sen · Oliver Spatscheck

Wed Dec 09 05:13 PM -- 05:14 PM (PST) @

We formulate and address the problem of discovering dynamic malicious regions on the Internet. We model this problem as one of adaptively pruning a known decision tree, but with additional challenges: (1) severe space requirements, since the underlying decision tree has over 4 billion leaves, and (2) a changing target function, since malicious activity on the Internet is dynamic. We present a novel algorithm that addresses this problem, by putting together a number of different ``experts algorithms and online paging algorithms. We prove guarantees on our algorithms performance as a function of the best possible pruning of a similar size, and our experiments show that our algorithm achieves high accuracy on large real-world data sets, with significant improvements over existing approaches.

Author Information

Shobha Venkataraman (AT&T Labs -- Research)
Avrim Blum (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago)
Dawn Song (UC Berkeley)
Subhabrata Sen
Oliver Spatscheck

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