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Learning a discriminative hidden part model for human action recognition
Yang Wang · Greg Mori

Wed Dec 10 11:52 AM -- 11:53 AM (PST) @

We present a discriminative part-based approach for human action recognition from video sequences using motion features. Our model is based on the recently proposed hidden conditional random field~(hCRF) for object recognition. Similar to hCRF for object recognition, we model a human action by a flexible constellation of parts conditioned on image observations. Different from object recognition, our model combines both large-scale global features and local patch features to distinguish various actions. Our experimental results show that our model is comparable to other state-of-the-art approaches in action recognition. In particular, our experimental results demonstrate that combining large-scale global features and local patch features performs significantly better than directly applying hCRF on local patches alone.

Author Information

Yang Wang (University of Manitoba)
Greg Mori (Borealis AI)

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