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Testing of Deployable Learning & Decision Systems
Kiri L Wagstaff · Chris Drummond · Dragos Margineantu

Fri Dec 08 12:00 AM -- 12:00 AM (PST) @ Sutcliffe A
Event URL: http://www.dmargineantu.net/NIPS06-TDLDS/ »

This workshop will focus on algorithms, statistical tests, metrics, and analysis tools for assessing the quality of learning systems in the cotext of an actual real-world task, the design of learning systems for deploying them in safety-critical problem, the stability of online learning, tradeoffs between robustness and risks in making decisions, and on all aspects of validation and testing of learning systems.

Author Information

Kiri L Wagstaff (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Chris Drummond (NRCC)
Dragos Margineantu (Boeing)

Ph.D. (2001) - Machine Learning Technical Lead of AI Research at Boeing.

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