Demonstrations (December 6–7, 2013)

Friday, December 6
7:00 – 11:59pm Eugenio Culurciello, Aysegul Dundar, Jonghoon Jin, Vinayak Gokhale, Berin Martini
Accelerating Deep Neural Networks on Mobile Processor with Embedded Programmable Logic
7:00 – 11:59pm Jonathan J Hunt, Peter O'Connor
A Mobile Development Platform for Adaptive Machine Learning and Neuromorphic Computing in Robotics
7:00 – 11:59pm Jonathan Huang, Chris Piech, Andy Nguyen, Leonidas J Guibas
Codewebs: a Pedagogical Search Engine for Code Submissions to a MOOC
7:00 – 11:59pm Samir Menon, Sam Fok, Kwabena A Boahen
Controlling Robot Dynamics With Spiking Neurons
7:00 – 11:59pm Jessica Forde, Vivek Rathod, Hooshmand Shookri, Vaibhav Bandari, Ashwath Rajan, John Min, Ariel Fan, Leon Wu, Ashish Gagneja, Doug Riecken, David Solomon, Lauren Hannah, Albert Boulanger, Roger Anderson
Di-BOSS™: Digital Building Operating System Solution
7:00 – 11:59pm Roger Hoang, Devyani Tanna, Laurence C Jayet Bray, Sergiu Dascalu, Frederick Harris, Jr
NCS: A Novel CPU/GPU Simulation Environment for Large-Scale Biologically-Realistic Neural Modeling
7:00 – 11:59pm Nate Derbinsky, Jose Bento, Jonathan S Yedidia
The Three-Weight Algorithm: Enhancing ADMM for Large-Scale Distributed Optimization
Saturday, December 7
7:00 – 11:59pm Jan Rupnik, Andrej Muhic, Blaz Fortuna, Janez Starc, Marko Grobelnik, Michael J Witbrock
Cross-Lingual Technologies: Text to Logic Mapping, Search and Classification over 100 Languages
7:00 – 11:59pm Aaron van den Oord, Sander Dieleman, Benjamin Schrauwen
Deep Content-Based Music Recommendation
7:00 – 11:59pm Yi Yang, Kai Yu
Demos of Deep Learning Technologies at Baidu IDL
7:00 – 11:59pm Tomas Mikolov, Kai Chen, Greg S Corrado
Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases and their Compositionality
7:00 – 11:59pm Richard Socher, Romain Paulus, Bryan McCann, Andrew Y Ng
Easy Text Classification with Machine Learning
7:00 – 11:59pm Nebojsa Jojic, Alessandro Perina, Andrzej Truski
Making Smooth Topical Connections on Touch Devices
7:00 – 11:59pm Yogesh A Girdhar, Gregory Dudek
Topic Modeling for Robots

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