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NIPS 2003


Seventeenth Annual Conference


 Neural Information Processing Systems



You are invited to participate in the Seventeenth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, which is the premier scientific meeting on neural computation.


The NIPS Conference features a singletrack program, with contributions from a large number of intellectual communities. Presentation topics include: Algorithms and Architectures; Applications; Brain Imaging; Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence; Control and Reinforcement Learning; Emerging Technologies; Learning Theory; Neuroscience; Speech and Signal Processing; and Visual Processing.  All papers are rigorously reviewed. The Conference is preceeded by one day of tutorials and is followed by two days of workshop sessions in nearby Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.


The Tutorial Program provides a choice of six two-hour tutorials by leading scientists. The topics span a wide range of subjects including neuroscience, learning algorithms and theory, bioinformatics, image processing, and data mining.


The Demonstrations component of the Conference will enable researchers to highlight scientific advances, systems, and technologies in ways that go beyond conventional poster presentations. It provides a unique forum for demonstrating advanced technologies ˇboth hardware and software ˇand fostering the direct exchange of knowledge.


The Poster Sessions which takes place on two evenings during the Conference, offer high-quality posters and an opportunity for researchers to share their work and exchange ideas in an collegial setting.  The majority of contributions accepted at NIPS are presented as posters.


The Post-Conference Workshop Program which will take place in Whistler, B.C. at the Westin Resort and Spa, will include 15 workshops covering a wide range of topics from neuroscience to machine learning. The workshop schedule allows time for informal discussions,skiing and other winter sports.

2003 Committee Members





Events Timetable




Monday, December 8

8:00 am ˝ 6:00 pm Registration

9:30 am ˝ 5:30 pm Tutorials

7:00 pm ˝ 10:00 pm Conference Banquet





Tuesday, December 9 & Wednesday, December 10

8:00 am ˝ 6:00 pm Registration

8:30 am ˝ 12:00 pm Sessions

2:00 pm ˝ 5:30 pm Sessions

1:00 pm ˝ 6:00 pm Poster Setup and Preview


Poster Sessions and Demonstration Sessions

7:30 pm ˝ 12:00 am



Thursday, December 11

8:30 am ˝ 12:00 pm Sessions

2:00 pm ˝ 3:30 pm Buses Depart for Workshops





Thursday, December 11

6:30 pm ˝ 8:30 pm Welcoming Reception and



Friday, December 12

7:00 am ˝ 11:00 am Registration

7:30 am ˝ 10:30 am Workshop Sessions

4:00 pm ˝ 7:00 pm Workshop Sessions


Saturday, December 13

7:30 am ˝ 10:30 am Workshop Sessions

4:00 pm ˝ 7:00 pm Workshop Sessions

7:30 pm ˝ 10:30 pm Banquet and Wrap Up


Best Student Paper Awards:

Thomas Griffiths and Joshua Tenenbaum
From Algorithmic to Subjective Randomness

Liam Paninski, Jonathan Pillow, and Eero Simoncelli
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neural Model

David Blei, Thomas Griffifths, Michael Jordan and Joshua Tenenbaum
Hierarchical Topic Models and the Nested Chinese Restaurant Process

Carlos Guestrin, Ben Taskar and Daphne Koller
Max-Margin Markov Networks